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About SV Education Foundation

Sri Venkiteswara Education Foundation has been actively functioning since 2003. With its headquarters at Kochi, the foundation is operating in both Kerala and Karnataka states. The institution was formed with the principal focus on distance education and consultancy services to learners across South India. In 2020, the foundation has registered as an educational trust under Govt. of Kerala, Reg. No: 57/IV/2020.

The initial objective of SV Education Foundation was to dispel the myths about distance learning by facilitating the admission procedures through technology resourcing and admission consultations. Such courses benefit the students to progress their careers thereby improving their skill sets. The quality learning materials are practical and easy to follow. The rigorous assessment and quality improvement helped the organization to provide best quality education for the thousands who rely on the institution for their career goals.

The company envisages a nation that understands the significance of education and everyone can access higher education. With this vision, the company strives to find opportunities for professionals who have honest intention and positive aspiration. We work in the interest of both students and educational institutions that make us more professional and absolute reliable partner for the right academic and career advancement. In order to add value to our services, we observe personal, moral and ethical values to maintain high standards in our services. Over the years, SV Education Foundation could encourage students of multiple domains to resume their education in both academic as well as professional disciplines and to enable them to explore wider and new career opportunities. The company began consultancy services by identifying the student profile and their corresponding requirements before guiding them to select the right course based on current market trends, future prospects, and financial budget and other relevant aspects. Once the aspirants are assisted in making applications, we liaison with the respective academic institutions to ensure admissions for these learners/students.

What We Provide ?

In the course of almost two decades, SV Education Foundation became a synonym for professionalism and trustworthiness for students who wish to continue their studies when still on job or other such responsibilities. The institute is committed to provide admission counselling, educational consulting and associated services in reputed universities across India, in an array of academic strata ranging from school curriculum, undergraduate programs, post graduate programs and research programs with diverse disciplines spanning from Arts, Science, Engineering/IT, Medicine, Business/Management, Law, Education, Hospitality, Health care etc paving way to scholastic eminence and rewarding careers. Being an authorized representative of many top notch universities across the nation, the organization is a registered company approved by ISO and other endorsing agencies. Headquartered at Bangalore.

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